APPLEeeeeassse! Free Adam

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June 10, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

In celebration of Philippine Independence Day come June 12 and as a fitting first post for a validation of this site’s purpose of freely expressing one’s err “Juan’s” viewpoint, let it be about the misrepresented ‘freedom of expression’…

In freely expressing one’s thought as means to either be open-minded or be opinionated about it, freedom from being hurtful to others and to one’s self as a result of too much bluntness without regard for mutual respect should likewise be acceptably thought-out. The saying “The truth hurts” is similarly applicable to the source once it backfires for the need to awkwardly rationalize the insensitive way-with-words given the misinterpretation and argument it brought about. Not all people think the same way as much as it’s founded on having varying tastes, styles, attitudes, personalities, upbringing, disposition, etc. There is likewise an involved conscientiousness to express freedom without the irony of getting someone lose it and in the process get constrained by negativity. How could it be considered “freedom” if it’s suppressive? One aspect that would be helpful if taken into consideration is the realization that we all have our imperfections and that being hypercritical of others is the failure to see the speck in one’s own eye so to speak.

“An apple may not be appealing to a lot but it sure was to Adam that spelled a lot of difference even among those next in line”… a self-conjured food for thought freely expressed for foodies and food bloggers alike as an example perhaps… We are after all on top of the food chain to expectedly know better and with the ability to convey feelings better than just manifested by instinct… That’s why we rather eat crabs than adapt their kind of mentality.


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