Man of Steel: Where is Efren?

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June 23, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

Introductions are to introduce and educe…
Movies are to be produced and induce
A remake may differ with a twist and a new plot
Stories can be told as wished for box office slot

Conversely real Superman fanatics and even movie critics have reacted
A new version of his chronicle has been diversely enacted
Less the dramatics he wasn’t considerably identified as a bird or a plane
Though all the same minus the ‘belted red underwear’ it wasn’t plain

The movie seems to evoke enhanced common sense
Far from how he “originally” tucked-in his costume as neatly dense
Likewise where he could have been hiding his clothes…
And his hair seemingly made of steel no matter what it holds

From the original and behind his real name as Superman himself revealed…
It rationally established the essence behind Kal-el as his identity crisis gets healed
However in this movie he’s instantaneously Clark Kent to Lois Lane and not “A friend”
As he didn’t get to be asked “Who are you?” thus I wonder what happened to ‘Efren’

Man of Steel


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