Stop, Look and Listen

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July 7, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

“Stop, Look and Listen” shouldn’t just be yielded as a nursery rhyme… It should as well be something that adults have to responsibly pave way for to avoid “that immature approach” before they “Ready, Set, Go!”

In line with this and in relation to how it doesn’t seem to apply among today’s computer-inclined civilization, there is “Think before you click”… Or to rather be specific amidst the lack of analytical thrust nowadays (and as it seems to have a need for it)… Here are some “submit, observe and regard”- injecting suggestions (read: submit yourself from pride in consideration of other people you can observe to recognize differences requisite of regard regardless…) – These are some unassuming connotations of ‘Stop, Look and Listen’:

  • Analyze before you finalize: Be mindful of the reason why you have your own mind as much as it could most likely differ from anyone else’s… However, be thoughtful of eventual repercussions of which you have to be responsibly ready for
  • Ponder and wonder before you wander: Contemplating with the aptitude to balance passion and reservations given with either or both encouraging and contrasting thoughts and insights of others will actually help you welcome options relative to a decision as to how and when to opportunely set-off
  • Be the quintessence of one making sense despite the rarity of ‘common sense’: Contrary to its terminal insinuation, ‘common sense’ is not as common anymore… It should rather be termed as ‘rare sense’… What’s rather common is how people go along with the majority (or what’s popular but not necessarily proper) without the benefit of understanding the underlying nature behind it…
  • Next day, today will be yesterday: Change is inevitable so they say… Learn from the past, toil in the present, welcome possibilities tomorrow… We don’t own the world, however, we allow human nature to dictate that we create our own; nevertheless, we have to be respectful of other’s ground… Changes for others may not suit you but have the fitting civility to acknowledge that development instead of convincing others (even those who do not share the same sentiment) to “blindly” support your opposing cause however at the expense of other entity’s integrity and serenity. We’re not The One with the right to pass judgment on others… We ought to be responsible for our own tomorrow as sensibly effected today for it will be the next generation’s yesterday…

STOP and contemplate for a moment, LOOK for fitting opportunities and LISTEN to/for varying suggestions…

STOP like you’re not the only one… LOOK out reasonably for other’s wellbeing and LISTEN before you talk…

STOP the hate, LOOK at the bright side and LISTEN with your heart…

“STOP the crap! LOOK you smart @$5! & LISTEN good!”

…beep beep this small tip is coming damn so straight!

stop, look and listen

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