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July 19, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

Blog: From 2 merged words – weB & LOG – bloggers eventually eMERGED… Of different niches, there are those of ‘his’ and those of ‘hers’… There are opposing views as well even among the same premise; much like there’s an ‘OC’ (obsessive compulsive) standpoint… The natural approach on practically anything under the sun as a downright point of view, it “posted” bloggers as equally downright credible. From those of ‘his’ perspective, thoughts on man-related topics have been established to be believable enough… Whereas those concerns of ‘hers’ “argued” to be substantial options for consideration… And suddenly, unlike the orthodox impression; the ‘his’ can be useful to creatively endorse that of ‘hers’ and vise versa…

In other words, bloggers have become better medium for awareness and as assessment basis regardless of gender (or any difference whatsoever for that matter). Their statuses as those of (OC) “ordinary citizens” established their stand as something more realistic vs. that of “paid endorsements”

As such and with the uprise and popularity of social media, companies/businesses have resorted to bloggers’ services for better mileage. Consequently, blogging has likewise become “materially” rewarding other than its fulfillment out of its initial purpose of simply having that kind of avenue for thought-sharing if not to vent…

Celebrated personnel in their own rights, bloggers are considerably sought-after as much as “feared” (or respected?) for their apparent convincing capacity. Not too long ago, one Philippine-Senator even “copied” a blog post he himself thought to be a fitting article to back-up his claim, however, ironically and defensively undermined the capacity of those he identified as “bloggers lang” (no-more-than bloggers)… As a result, he further felt the “ricocheting power” of bloggers with “sottocopy after sottocopy” of detrimental posts going viral… It has that power to either build or destroy may it be reputation or influence (even popularity) given the fact that there are two or more sides of a story…


Powerful indeed that blogging has been taken up not just as an avenue but more so as an authority… Which also saw the consequential emergence of blogger-wannabes. Quite a number of blog articles have obviously been “fiscally sought” to be posted sans the accuracy or a “bigger picture” by which it defeats that level of sincerity ‘true’ bloggers are known and have worked hard for… Unwarranted claims and unsolicited advices superficially “yackety-yaks” and “blah blahs” just to “have a say” tend to be overbearing… Plus today’s technological breakthroughs allow the incremental recognition of a blogger or a website’s clout and presence corresponding with extensive following; at times sacrificing quality, credential and notable extent of respectability… Take note (and take heed) however that being opinionated more-often-than-not differs from being broadminded… If you are to justify it as merely self-expression then why not keep it to yourself..? Why online? It seems that the sense in sensitivity has not been sensed… Will the readers of this blog-post sense that? The reasonable bloggers will most likely do…

As for those riding on, not just for the “free ride” (or freebies) I hope… Read between the lines, “write between two sides”… not just another “blah blah” please…

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