Social MEDIAted


August 4, 2013 by 1deluxecruise


Prior to all the buzz and brouhaha over social media…
Feelings then were manifested via some “manual” idea
Creatively composed-on-paper were exclusive love notes
Emotions now are “shared” through forwarded quotes

A phone is now “smart” enough to also be a visual medium
Whereas the landline seems to have lost its social premium
Social network sites are ironically avenues as well for anti-social
Regardless of subject, quite a lot seems to be insensitively vocal

Views are tactlessly divulged while reasoned out as freedom
Though such articulation is rendered as more of “free damn”
Other means of communication are rather conveyed publicly
Incriminating rants and articles get annoyingly posted bluntly

Physiological temperament used to be perceptible in-person
Under any mood nowadays there is a corresponding emoticon ; -)
Discoveries and access to everything seems to be a click away
Kids today rarely knock on neighbor’s door for a chance to play

Outdoor activities have been partial over some online interest
Over at Farmville, you can’t tangibly feel freshness as you rest
We used to water our plants as organically tolerated by nature
Today, plants are tended-to against zombies as boredom’s cure

Time then seemed slow while we covertly glanced at our ‘crush’
Checking “her/him” out via social network allows one not to blush
Before, flowers given with chocolates and candies, you’d be as sweet
Now, get noticed crushing candies as that’ll be “Divine” and “Sweet”

We say ‘research’ then and for its synonym now, go and “google it”
Blog, e-mail, lowbat… just “LOL” as more words become composite
Down memory lane there were photo albums or the usual yearbook
“Who’s not hooked?” Whose face isn’t tagged in “Zuckerberg’s Book?”

Evolution is an invariable process as how we embrace what’s next
Other than Adam, Apple tempts even Samsung to go beyond “txt”
Others just “Follow” but if you “Like”, you can as well “Share”
Or comment… Social media: connecting no matter “who and where”


2 thoughts on “Social MEDIAted

  1. kylieanneme says:

    So cute and so true!

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