“Do We Even Matter (like) Peanut Butter?” Parody

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August 18, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

Like how I thought of regularly feeding “Junk Food for Thought” as a subtle take on seeming trivial subjects that vaguely matter, to be fairly freethinking of other “ignored” substance, I thought of “recognizing its value” not just as “their” overlooked convenience but to some effect that “they” do matter…

We’ve compared consistencies of different peanut butters even just as a fleeting subject, why not other things that also matter (even as parody)?

Not as a worthwhile topic except for reasons pertaining to a beautiful or healthier skin… What better thing to firstly identify before it gets dissolved? As shallow as presenting a probability of what could it be thinking as regards to your intimate connection…

“I will no longer melt…
A memory to be felt”

We’re fused together
by a bubbling lather
Tingling feeling tends to whet
like we’re covered with sweat
Free to lick smoothly
all over your slick body
Down to a luring flower
under a steaming shower
As it is being watered
moaning seems to be heard
As if about to cum…
I withdrew full of scum




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