Down There

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August 27, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

Is there even a good literary piece about us to begin with?
Ever since, we’ve been depicted as unfit to take the lead
Not that we don’t have the image and “muscles” to show
You just single us out and turn-down to “crawl as low”

Naturally being ourselves yet we’re deemed as creepy
Don’t you think we’re at risk when you get all wimpy…?
No “man” embodies machismo along our soaring presence
But your helluva reaction scares us which makes more sense

You are way bigger and have the edge to be in control
However the way we upset you, we stand “six-feet” tall
And you immortalize your clout over us through movies
Undaunted in your black suits while we’re the enemies…

I believe our existence conform with the law of nature
We’re also serving a purpose like any other creature
Would it be any different if we’re not as “detrimental”?
Or is it just human nature to be partial and judgmental?

Yes we get “down and dirty” but we’re not the pollutants
You however, chemically “clean us out” like we’re mutants
Or probably the last thing our souls will ever see…
Get squished intentionally by your sole that’s filthy

Then as if to add insult “Ewww!” you freak out
Believe me, you don’t want me to fly… Peace out!




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