The 360-Degree Perception

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September 1, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

“After seeing black-and-white all along as a concerned entity’s basis of a vivid understanding, may each one see a colorful transition after this…”

Observation as it differs from actually knowing is akin to how knowledge gets misguidedly compared to that of wisdom… Same with doing your research or believing that you have done so yet under partial resources against the truth… One-sided enough for you not to seek other points of view or too proud to realize and acknowledge the difference and the reason for such diversity…

From another perspective, it’s like having the need to see every angle thus the practicality of a “complete turnaround” for better understanding… In spite of this, be mindful of such “360-degree turn” to be a “cycle” that rather brings you back along a familiar yet possibly confined standpoint… Nevertheless, being back to square one doesn’t mean there was nothing worth taking into consideration from the different corners (as well as cornerstones) and turning points along the way… But of course, that’s only applicable to the broadminded people as “in-seeing”, we also use our minds to perceive things clearly… It’s quite odd how self-absorbed people can still see however they’re BLINDed… Even better are the real blind people as they at least envision light…

Ironically, people who think they have (all) the answers to everything do not have the answer to why they’re as conceited… Fact remains that we cannot please everybody, nevertheless, each existence or development is with a coinciding reason… and inclination – not just yours nor is it just mine or even ours alone…

Though the significant 360-degree explanation on ‘360-degree perception’ however is the point of even sharply pointing this subject’s (need for a) wider angle for a viewpoint without possibly offending them as they wouldn’t positively comprehend… Should they do – that’s nice – for there’s still that tinge of hope for realization no matter how tight-a-corner it may be… Hopefully, they don’t get to be defensive as it will further manifest their slanted 360-degree turn while they’re back and still within their primeval spot…

360-degree perception

As colorful as life is, it’s not just “black & white” but there’s a grey area where it substantiates how there are shades of ambiguity along our colorful journey… And how blandly different things could be from the colors we prefer… Though faced with just a specific color, say even an accepted verdant tone at that, we can never see how rosy our surroundings are if we don’t turn around (or even how we “turn things around”)… “Revolving” with our eyes shut, we tend to lose our balance… But then again, do not just look around; open your minds as well… “My view from down here differs from that of how you see it up there… but we can open our senses and see the bigger picture including seeing ourselves how we’re looking at it…”

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