Six Couples of Facts

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September 5, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

“Bold as I may be yet often asked what am I… and generally restricted”

As to how I’m presented, I’m sort of faceless I guess
Whilst on the face of public infamy it’s most likely yes

Often times as required, my gender is in question
Passionately so even my capacity for what position

In a way I typically get floored like a saintly missionary
Can bend norms tho’ & be like a bitch or a mercenary

There’s such a service by which in the same way paid
Whereas for a loved one, possibly a role to be played

Amidst partiality on gender, male, female or even gay
Reason behind our significance is to “live life” each day

Tho’ our essence gets defiled depending on the doer
Hoping we get truly understood along society’s order



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