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September 8, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

As if being presented with choices over “superficial” options:

A “bottled Coke” or a “Coke in can” when what’s inside is what matters as it’s for its quenching purpose? – Go FIGURE! Conscious enough to really figure… Any figure is to rather mold anyone’s form of thinking regardless if shipshape or distorted.

In other words, the well-trimmed and sexy ones do not have anything special without the difference from the opposite’s “larger purpose”…  Along people with varying preferences, the purpose of a comparison is to corroborate the complementing difference. With such roles under a critical society, the “big ones” have a “taller order for a weighed responsibility” (as it includes the weight of dealing with criticisms) thus proving to have a bigger involvement to the social order.

And bullying for a contribution is harmful.

figure it out


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