EAT: Excuse, Accept, Tend (“Eat” is the ‘food blog’ with nutritional value)

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September 14, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

How to ingest (EAT) this food for thought…

Life goes on regardless of the “bitter/sweet portioning” along the way. Part of every course is a bland intake for our taste so to speak… Whatever life dishes up, let us continue to nurture ourselves with the right amount of nourishment along hearty and tasteless excuses we have to accept and tend to…

Life is the best excuse to consume indulging provisions…


  • Ironically, no amount of excuse is acceptable to anyone whose existence is actually a personification of those things in need of an excuse… Excuse yourself from such “excuse” and learn to excuse life’s “inexcusable sugariness” and the “excusable sourness” as each has its particular serving for an excuse… Balance ‘excuse’ how its significance is brimming with contrasting meanings yet with corresponding excuses… Huh, excuse me? Exactly! You’re excused… In life, there are just things we’ll find “indigestible to stuff yourself with” no matter what… In the same way, EAT like how we appreciate good food notwithstanding being clueless on how it was cooked or what the ingredients are… And, life is how we could possibly “salt to taste” every serving of unsavory undertakings for a rather flavorful course instead of regurgitating a mouthful of complaints…


  • What’s acceptable is that the co-existence of “delicacies’ varying tastes between appetizers and desserts” (or anything between “junk food” and the “nutritious ones” ) is to significantly have us savor the difference other than just conform to the “set-meals” of acceptability… Along the aforesaid “inedibility” (grey area), we have to learn how to relish not just what we crave for or what feeds our ego but what needs to be partaken…
  • Generally in life, we usually take the more valuable things (and people) for granted and these often get disregarded… for instance, potato chips we’re so consumed-over isn’t really a vegetable whereas the real vegetable is to be accepted for its nutritional value…


  • We naturally tend to have difficulty in “swallowing flavors” that don’t conform or confirm with our taste but it really doesn’t have to as long as we digest each of our complementing purpose instead of just “spitting out” others’ respective blend… Let us tend to things that would rather tend to offer “some aftertaste” (for realization) amidst “the many ingredients” no matter how unappetizing it may seem for us… What may be too sweet or too peppery for us could be just right for others; as any of these regardless of taste are complementing flavors and blessings may it be sugar-coated or not…

Food Blog
Along this ingestion, the hardest to digest actually when it comes down to what best to consume first is PRIDE …just pretend that it’s PRIDE-chicken with grave err gravy… All of these said, like an aromatic flavor that could vary from the actual taste, we have to read in between the lines… Most importantly though considering how we partake food as a necessity, life should rather be consumed with gusto…

Hungry? Let’s EAT!


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