Juicy Fruition

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September 20, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

orgasmic moment

Like a secret tryst with another lover, is having me what’s rather thought of?
Even tho’ intimate with a loved one, my ability to juice-up is what you opt…

I have no qualms over my being as “just an added flavor” along your bond
Yet at times behind your partner, you rather favor & savor me by your hand

Do I even have a say when behind closed doors is where we indulge…
Will I be blamed for that of my irresistible effect if a proof will bulge

Not as anything shallow, I prefer to be taken seriously and beyond foreplay
Pleasure I give ought to be responsibly shared and not selfishly taken away

I’m not the ultimate prize as others deem it as like that of a “trophy wife”
Such quenching delight’s like any dessert tho’ through it all I breathe life

A deeper intent beyond carnal gratification & engagement just to fill a void
Yet amidst this “nuts-over-bananas” course, I exist to be fruitfully enjoyed



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