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September 26, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

Perhaps the thought “you can’t fool the eye” is as obvious
Mind you but one can’t see the brain how it could be devious
What’s made to be felt isn’t always what’s in one’s mind
Hypocrisy [or discreet demeanor?] is at times what’s behind
How natural it is for any human to be “visually” critical
“Judging a book by its cover” seems to be what’s practical

It’s likely a sentiment from one who has been judged unfairly
As “what you see is what you get” could actually be costly
If it costs you my ire as it costs me my pride and reputation…
Will it even bother you as we “pig around” in protestation
Tho’ that’s not who and what we are as a matter of character
For how you gain at our expense are our roles that matter

Grateful you should rather be being on top of the food chain
Yet you still feed your ego and “step on us” how you are vain
Why relate our likeness to that of your stinkiness and filthy ways
We’re created as such but what’s your excuse for your “wastes”
Then to manifest superiority, you enjoy what we offer best
Pork barrel err roast and all; & to have it, you give us a “rest”

In Peace
(I mean) ‘At Peace’,

Oink top of all:
We don’t discriminate against our own should we see one as “clean” as humans are… for he’s probably being readied to serve beyond his calling…



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