STUCK: Screwed To (a) Unifying Commitment Keenly

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October 3, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

Useful connection in actuality
Rather driven not of initiatory
Tho’ with associated negativity
‘Til rust determines my mortality

Functional like anything else, I have a pairing role for a reason…
Hard-pressed by someone else’s hand, I’m literally turned to go on
And as I’m on-it I get into a “twisted” role as pushed and channeled
Without much ado on getting stuck I patently abide-by as handled

If as a figure to be likened for its significance, I’m more of a follower
Obliging and into the groove while I team up with such riveting power
Stationary yet head held up and tightly fitted to a binding commitment
Holding on and burrowed not to “lose thread” as nothing’s permanent

Despite of these tho’, I’m embedded with “screwed up” connotation
As “affixed” as the impression, I’m figuring out what’s the connection
What did we do wrong to earn such signification that’s unfairly due
“Penetrating union” I guess; oh well let me vent then “SCREW YOU!”

(nicknamed “Bolt”)

screw you


Not err “Nut”

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