I’ve Got Feelings!


November 10, 2013 by 1deluxecruise

If it’s rather a voice behind this “about-me” instead
A bedroom voice will do while this is being read
Though it’s not how it’s voiced out as one utters
The sincerity behind my effect is what matters

Perfection through imperfection is how I manifest
Full of ironies as ‘settling down’ yields with unrest
Like part of a happy relationship is a sad moment
Or even how deep feelings elicit a shallow comment

As I’m in the air, one seems to feel being atop cloud 9
Misinterpretations though propel others out-of-line
Not a game, it doesn’t mean lovers can’t be cheesy
Commonly, hopeless romantics rely on serendipity

Understanding it nonetheless validates the irony
Opposites attract due to matching incompatibility
Supposedly and as a cliché, I know no boundaries
Yet it seems my validation’s limited to anniversaries

My presence however is all over every single day
Among mankind though I don’t know what to say
To tell the truth I’m expressive but beyond words
A song you are to sing; I only provide the chords

Another thing though is that you expect too much
When my real intention is for one to be the catch
For the other to realize as both of you corroborate…
Better for such feeling to be mutual; if not you wait

Those who actually feel me are those to substantiate
…that feeling intended for your loved one I initiate
Regarded as “kind but blind” yet I have a better view
Shooting my-potion-dipped arrows to whom it is due

You’re the one to make this affection work and last
This assertion is just to remind you as I feel I must
…since infatuation has been wrongfully recognized
…as me, for which I’ve been trivially categorized…

With love, 


love is in the air


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