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March 9, 2014 by 1deluxecruise

It isn’t about anyone else I suppose
It’s actually meant to be a solo pose
By one’s self with a “handy” camera
Make sure to take a conforming aura

To be uploaded rather than printed
And to draw interaction as intended
Validating how one can “self-mingle”
Amidst social media even when single

Tho’ two, neither one wants to shoot…
So both get comments as “woot woot”
The term just stuck even for “bothsie”
Or groups such as Ellen’s Oscars selfie

Would it be the same if called “themselvie”
Will it similarly make it to Oxford dictionary
2013’s ‘word of the year’ as announced
Even set by cute or acute (back)grounds

Via stretched arms or through a mirror
Posing for an angle as a true cam-whore
Posting more than a suggestive image
Portrait of and as the subject’s leverage

Yup, as per Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet: “If only Bradley’s arm was longer”


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