Colors of BLACK Saturday

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April 19, 2014 by 1deluxecruise

No matter how GREEN we may…
‘til the moment we become GRAY
Warily YELLOW along any given day
yet getting ‘in the RED’ along the way…

BROWN-off and working hard to survive everyday
Or ‘born in the PURPLE’ leisurely under the sun’s ray
Tho’ “born with a SILVER spoon” as life’s way…
or respectful of the GOLDen rule as you (re)pay…

Enduring, don’t be BLUE how much problems weigh…
Remain to be ‘in the PINK’ just as how in life we stay
Even the ‘pure as WHITE’ who gets hit from a waylay…
Or those inflicted with VIOLET marks who simply obey

Are you like the ‘annoying ORANGE’ with so much to say?
Or among the ‘CREAM of the crop’ who knows to convey
MAROONed on an island’ or those who betray…
Having been ‘laid out of LAVENDER’ and goes astray

Wagging the COLORFUL ‘pride flag’ by every gay
Or in BLACK-&-WHITE as straight as kept-at-bay
There’s the ‘VIVID resurrection’ the following day
Symbolic of hatching BRIGHTNESS, let us fire away

Not to burst your bubble… there is hope


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