Who are we to ‘U’?

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May 15, 2014 by 1deluxecruise

UnknownWould it matter to even ask?
We’re seemingly behind a mask
Tho’ ‘we’ is more like (just) ‘us’
Apart from ‘you’ & not even last

Nonexistent seems appropriate
Even on how we likely exaggerate
With the tendency to be sensitive
Yet no bearing to be persuasive

Among many no one will notice
Even with something to please…
Who the hell would even care?
“We don’t exist” so who’d dare

Whatever we do or perhaps say…
It wouldn’t even pass as hearsay
But if uttered by someone famous
People listen even if it’s ridiculous

If I go on, will someone bother?
Or elicit “oh it’s just another…”
All these said – by “anonymous”
No ‘hoorays!’ Perhaps even ‘boos’



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