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October 26, 2014 by 1deluxecruise

Crab mentality is how humans define that attitude centered on “pulling others down” for one’s own gain in getting atop before anybody else… It had humans referring to it as such based from “crabs in a bucket”. Crabs caught for their consumption and put together in what could possibly be the last place they could be in before ending up as some delicacy people ironically enjoy which most likely includes the brains they’ve associated with what induces such mindset… First, they’ll “defame” its “rational credibility” before subjecting it to “edibility”…

image grabbed from

image grabbed from

If crabs’ flavorful element is what endears human to crustaceans, it’s not what crabs intend their existence to be for… For crabs, while they’re considered by humans as a treat, they see humans as a threat. Crabs are naturally reclusive creatures considerably manifested when fighting for hiding holes… It even dig its own burrow accessibly fitting enough for its own size. How can humans even negatively gauge crabs’ would-be reaction amidst unnatural, more so unlikely setting; and probably trying to survive among its kind? Much like how humans run for their lives racing and muscling their way out of a collapsing building perhaps… We believe that’s more of human nature than that of crabs’ way of life as ironic as people’s supposedly given sociability.

Another thing is that this is a manifestation how humans almost often find excuses and put incriminating attributes at the expense of something/someone… If people pull others down, it’s most likely due to their own way of thinking under vulnerable provocation as a matter of personification being “pie-pull”. Oops sorry, can we be as rhetorical… like an initially formed-as-one “different yet complementing concoction” say a pie perhaps, it’s divided into “individual triangles” pointing at each other and individually enjoyed per slice – it’s how we could perhaps attribute a fitting origination how ‘people’ is a composite of 2 words – “pie” and “pull”. And most likely at some point, to benefit from such “slice of the pie” for some credit, they may appear to “pull up” someone however for their own gain…

Truthfully sarcastic,
Mr. Crab

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