Getting Real Challenge

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June 29, 2016 by 1deluxecruise

Have you been “Facebook challenged” to post some thematic statement/concept for a certain number of days in anyway seemingly justifying how one is to swank about it?
It somehow challenged me to challenge the norm and here’s my own version:

I’ve been challenged and I dare not to back out… The challenge to possibly be ridiculed, misjudged, despised, spurned or denounced is up… Yet, the challenge to be sarcastic amidst the accepted social-media-drama standard is challenging enough… A challenge to be real however to just chill… Call it #justdoitchallenge, #wealldefecateanywaybythewaychallenge, #imreallylikethischallenge, #usinreallifechallenge, #daretobare, #realitybites or whatever you want to call it…
Seeing all these “FB challenge posts” for everyone to see and do the same, my question is “What’s so challenging about posting something that’s not really challenging given how these online postings are actually done on a regular basis for its intended “socialization” purposes even without being challenged?” Thus pardon the sarcasm but as much as these social media standard “bragging rights” become some sort of a gauge to express one’s character, is it something people from your friends’ list do not know yet, thus  the need to be challenged still?
So the real challenge is to rather post something you wouldn’t normally “broadcast to the world”; (say for example) something you’re embarrassed about… Therefore as a challenge, I’ll post the likes of these “shameful” posts and tag someone to do same if only to keep this “real challenge” going… Calling it #gettingrealchallenge, with the belief they’ll not chicken-out and knowing they’re as real, audacious, spunky and hardcore, I call on (~name of your friend/s~) to post something like it and still get to smile about/doing it. Come to think of it, daring someone who’s too conscious or conceited to do it is more of a “harder to progress” sort of a call but then again, that’s the essence of a challenge; that’s why I likewise dare (~tag another name from your friends’ list~) to just do it!


And part of the sarcasm is this long Facebook timeline “post to challenge” for a caption that bores everyone and defeats either the challenge or the idea… At times even added with #likewiselonghoweveruselesshashtagthatnoonesevenusingsowhattheheck… 
For some (or a lot) nonetheless, there are those who just go with the flow without understanding the essence (or even the repercussion) of it… and some, just don’t…
Dilly-dallying, scared, adding drama or theatrics?
Does this even make sense? But then, whatever… Just do it! Or why even use Nike?

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