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The ‘express’ in expressive for an expression as expressed by just “another Juan Dela Cruz”…

Thus, it’s ‘one deluxe cruise’ along and towards views regardless of spot-on worthiness to be even visited as well as to welcome and be welcomed. We are or most of us are after all opinionated by nature. What drives us or brings us to even “come around” is our spontaneous interest to “comfortably coast” along issues even without the benefit of a more insightful view of a field’s perspective. As adventurous as we are, more than anything else, we explore for awareness if not attention…

And as a matter of embodiment and to rather “enjoy the trip”, we take pleasure in “kwentong barbero” (barbershop talk. Is there even a beauty salon session?), “usapang lasing” (intoxicated conversation? – true enough I guess) even “usapang lalake/babae” (man talk/girl talk) to rumors, exposés and controversies. From “chitchats” to “intelligent conversations”, an apparent innocent statement tends to sway. We engage yet if only to mark “I was here” as much as express “I know right!”

This is another Juan Dela Cruz’s “One Deluxe Cruise”

one-deluxe-cruise.jpgThank you for coming! Please come cruise again

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