“Do We even Matter Peanut Butter” Parody

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As rhythmically fitting as it could be, poetry is such an expressive means to relay one’s message… Ever wonder how the “usually overlooked if not generally ignored things” could be as expressive if only “they” talk?

In putting thoughts in “their minds” as imaginatively and poetically expressed, it aims to have us appreciate more than just see things as it should most likely be… I’ve termed it as “Do-We-even-Matter-(like)-Peanut-Butter Parody” given the circumstantial fact how “they” probably feel disregarded considering how it seems different from that of a peanut butter which, come to think of it, is as “trivial” yet it nevertheless stir (and spread) appetizing interest literally and figuratively…

Another supplemental irony to the parody is that “peanut” is a corresponding term expressing insignificance or something minor in nature even with its “crisp” connotation being regarded as a brain-food… Could it be another flavorful expression for that of a predicament “when life gives you peanuts, make some peanut butter…”

Who said that?! Who said that?

Who said what? Click to see and Look who’s talking:

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